The Tink T2B Tool™ is patent pending and was invented by Tom Sullivan, gym owner and CrossFit L1/L2 Coach with nearly a decade of CrossFit coaching experience. Until The Tink T2B Tool™ there hasn't been a way for beginner and intermediate athletes to scale toes to bar in a way that progresses them towards the prescribed movement of reaching their toes to the pull up bar. Further, The Tink T2B Tool™ offers progressions for athletes of all levels, all while showing measurable and repeatable feedback. The number of athletes progressing to sets of toes to bar using The Tink T2B Tool™ is growing faster every day!

As a business, we're proud to say that we are doing everything in our power to keep the sourcing of materials and all manufacturing right here in the United States!

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Fun Fact: The Tink™ was named after Tinkervol, the Sullivan's silver lab and gym dog. As dog people it just made sense to name a great product after an awesome dog!

tink toes to bar scaling tool