Why did you invent The Tink T2B Tool™?
I’ve witnessed athletes perform scaled movements that don’t transfer well to RX toes-to-bar and never progress beyond the scaled movements they are regularly doing. Far too many athletes are disappointed that they still aren’t able to do RX toes-to-bar and string multiple reps together after months or even years of training. This is what led me, as a Coach, to develop and patent The Tink T2B Tool™. Now I’m watching athletes progress much faster and get a better workout in by using The Tink T2B Tool™ as their scaling method! 

Who is The Tink T2B Tool™ designed for? 
The Tink T2B Tool™ is for athletes who are currently scaling or modifying toes-to-bar. It was designed to offer a better option for athletes unable to currently do RX toes-to-bar or link sets of RX toes-to-bar together. The Tink T2B Tool™ was also designed to be a better scaling option than sit-ups, v-ups, and hanging knee raises because it helps the athlete train the positions and strength needed to progress to toes-to-bar. Note: sit-ups, v-ups, and hanging knee raises are great exercises and we still recommend that they be trained and used when needed for scaling.

Is The Tink T2B Tool™ only for scaled athletes?
The Tink T2B Tool™ offers a great progression for athletes of all levels to train the positions and strength needed for RX toes-to-bars. The telescoping ability of The Tink T2B Tool™ allows athletes to start at a low setting and progress incrementally to more difficult positions, leading them closer to the pull-up bar. 

Also, The Tink T2B Tool™ was designed to develop athletes who already do RX toes-to-bar by building their endurance so that they can perform larger sets without resorting to singles. The Tink T2B Tool™ gives athletes the chance to maintain their continuous toes-to-bar reps to a slightly lower target, especially when fatigued. This is done instead of resorting to single reps of toes-to-bar.

Will The Tink T2B Tool™ fit on my pull-up bar?
The Tink T2B Tool easily clamps to most standard pull up bars (diameter of 1.25 inches). We include a rubber insert with each purchase so that The Tink T2B Tool™ can be used on bars and barbells with a diameter as small as 1 inch. For larger diameter bars we have a larger clamp model coming soon to meet the needs of more athletes, including gymnastics facilities.

What’s the difference between The Tink T2B Tool™ Original and The Tink T2B Tool™ XL?
The length of the telescoping portion is the only difference. The Tink T2B Tool™ XL has the ability to extend 6 inches farther from the pull-up bar than the Original and therefore offers a lower target option for athletes to contact with their toes. A lower target helps to train reps in a better position while delivering a repeatable standard. The target portion, clamp, and rubber band are all the same when comparing the Original Tink™ and the Tink™ XL. Both models offer the same difficulty when at the closest setting to the pull up bar.

How long will it take me to master my toes-to-bars with The Tink T2B Tool™?
While we cannot guarantee that The Tink T2B Tool™ will get you to mastery of toes-to-bar in a certain amount of time, we can say that we have witnessed The Tink T2B Tool™ help athletes of all levels have more fun with their training, get their first RX toes-to-bar, and link their first continuous sets of RX toes-to-bar.


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